(part time position)


Organising and managing regular live band showcase nights at the Bristol Bierkeller




One day a week based at the Bierkeller from 10am – 5pm you would also work the evening of any shows that you book, usually around

5pm – 11pm we will expect you to organise around 2 shows a month



Retainer of £60 a week plus 50% of profits from all shows you book (you would not be responsible for any losses from your shows)


Extra paid opportunities

You would also have first call on other jobs related to shows we put on including crew work, merchandise selling and flyer distribution



Job Description

Finding and pairing up suitable bands (mainly local bands) to create interesting gigs. You will do the marketing and promotion including artwork design, write press releases, co-ordinate effective social media campaigns, sort out logistics with bands and technical crew, stage manage the shows and deal with show finances.


You would work in the office alongside Dave Brayley one day a week learning the job itself, there will be plenty of support, advice and encouragement. You will learn about the technical side of running a show, artists liaison, crew management, ticketing, stage management, health and safety and eventually as you learn more you will be given responsibilities with some of the bigger shows we run


Obviously it is important that you are enthusiastic about live music, bands, gigs etc, but really this job is for someone who wants to learn about this element of the music industry with a view to making a living from it. You will need to be switched on and interested in working in a business that can be stressful but also exciting and very interesting, we want someone with new ideas, a good networker, strong vision, someone who reads the music mags and blogs, is excited about new music, has energy and really wants to make a go of it in an industry that is often hard to get in to.


As the pay is a mixture of retainer and profit share you will need to be happy with the gambling element to this job. Don’t forget if a show you have organised fails to make profit, then you are working off a basic retainer, however, you would not be liable for any losses incurred from your shows


We would prefer someone with a basic knowledge of the Bristol live music scene, but it is not essential, I would rather find the right person with the right attitude and enthusiasm, we already have a large amount of data on bands in the area which can be built on.



For an informal interview please email with the following information about yourself


Full name


Where you live

No more than 200 words on why you want this job including any relevant experience


Applications close Fri 30th September

Job starts mid October

First shows will be booked from mid December


Dave Brayley

All enquires 0117 9268514






0117 9268514