Plus Special guests SO LONG UNTIL THE SEANCE


Wed 7th fEB  2018

14+ show (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

Tickets £12.50adv

Doors open 7.30pm

support stage time 8pm


Ticket Line 0117 9299008

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Artists Website - www.facebook.com/pg/Michale.Graves


"Michale Graves is an American singer-songwriter and musician whose career has spanned nearly two decades. Michale entered the music scene as lead singer of The Misfits and after leaving the band embarked on a successful solo career. He has also appeared in many acclaimed film projects including “Bruiser”, Campfire Stories” and notably starring in “Perkin 14”. In August of 2012 Michale joined Hydraulic Entertainment as President and lead artist and began the most productive phase of his explosive career. Michale has released a series of sold out albums including “Vagabond”, “Lost Skeleton Returns”, “Vagabond Acoustic, “Supernatural”, “Wanderer”, "Zombies Unite", "Wanderer Acoustic", "Drifter", Revenge of the Zombies" and he has just released a new monster rock album titled “When Worlds Collide”. Graves has also acted in several short films produced by Hydraulic Entertainment including “Zombie”, “Half Human”, “Wanderer”, "Zombies" and "Ripper" as well as producing a spoken word anthology “Nightmares”. Always evolving as an artist, Michale has performed within several genres as fans followed his instantly recognizable voice across five continents. Known as much for his high energy live shows and deeply moving acoustical interpretations as he has a full three octave vocal range and heart-wrenching lyrics; Michale Graves is driven to create memorable performance experiences.

While entertainment is at the heart of who he is as a performer, Graves is also a social and pop-culture media thought leader who has hosted as well as appeared on numerous broadcast properties including The Andrew Wilkow Show, The Flow with Kurt Wallace, The Sean Hannity Show, Adam Vs The Man, The Howard Stern Show, Truth Frequency Radio, Where Monsters Dwell, The Guardian, The New York Times, Rolling Stone Magazine.





A frankenstein's monster of previous Belfast bands, So Long Until The Séance (a name which may or may not prevent the band's acronym) formed in late 2014 as a small experiment which later took a life of its own in the shape of a full band looking to perform and spread their trashy, sleazy take on horror inspired rock like a zombie horde. Mixing trash, sleaze, goth overtones and typical horror clichés So Long Until the Séance aren't the kind of band to take themselves too seriously but promise to deliver shock and rock at their live shows.

S.L.U.T.S are:
Mike Van D - Vocals/Keys
Shadow Lestat- Guitar/ Backing Vox
Father Buckfast - Bass
Gizmo- Drums
Tommy D.Bauchery - Guitar/ Backing Vox


TICKET LINE 0117 9299008

All enquires 0117 9268514   bs1bierkeller@gmail.com






0117 9268514